The creator of Clash of Clans, Supercell, has ultimately launched the much awaited update for this game in October 2016. Although, the wait was somewhat long, all supporters have accepted that it was worth it. However, today we will discuss a novel update that will be rolled out for the game in festivity of the […]

WhatsApp is the app of this era, being daily used by more than 1 billion users around the world. A great number of new users are downloading this app on their devices every day, making WhatsApp even more famous. This is the reason that the manufacturers are indebted to bring novel functionalities, but also to […]

Ghana’s leading male clothing line, Nineteen57is possessed by Fashionista Kofi Okyere Darko and it has recently launched a new collection called ‘Evolution’. As per Darko, the collection is ‘Style defined’. Have a look at few photos!  

As per recent reports, Pangu has finally got a method to crack the iOS 10. So it’s easier to say that the iOS 10 jailbreak version is complete, but no one knows when Pangu would be planning to launch it publicly. We repeat that Apple has stated that iOS 10 would never be broken, but […]

Although several are possibly already cherishing the latest features provided by the new OS from Google, Android 7.0 Nougat, few users have still not even upgraded to the last operating system that is called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. And to make the last type feel even more behind with the whole thing, Google has lately declared […]

We always admire the fact that WhatsApp creators are continuously developing the application, but it feels that their latest improvement is not a thing everyone likes. In an effort to copy the Facebook Messenger features, they made the emojis bigger. However, this modification didn’t have the result they planned to bring. For example, a WhatsApp […]

iPhone7 is so lustrous, so chic, so novel and so hi-tech! These are some of the very initial some views Apple supporters have while looking at the latest iPhone 7 and its new features. However, there are few things that Apple forgot to add while developing this new model – and as per the supporter […]

When Apple had launched the iPhone 6s, one of the latest features included in iOS was Live Photos, which lets users to capture some shots before and after taking any photo with the iPhone’s camera. These “videos” may be run on 3D Touch-capable iPhones but just tapping on the photo, but on previous versions of […]

Google Chrome is the most famous web browser in this world. The web browser is speedy and it brings several features and options. It furthermore supports third-party extensions, which are used by a many people out there. However, if you have used Google Chrome you might have observed that it uses a great amount of […]

The upcoming launch puts the game among the primary VR titles that will be rolled out in the online bazaar in Sony’s products. It will also predate the launch of the PlayStation VR device itself. Thumper is actually a feat game where you may assist a space beetle go down in a psychedelic journey to […]