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iAfrica.TV is an African entertainment website that provides live streaming of top African TV channels around the globe.

This website keeps its viewers updated with top stories and the latest entertainment for Africans all over the world.

iAfrica.TV also provides live TV services through multiple platforms such as: Android, iOS, Roku, Kindle Fire and Samsung Smart TV.

Site Content

iAfrica.TV has several sections like News, a Gallery which includes pictures and videos, and Live TV. The iAfrica.TV site also includes the AfricaOne Box, available for purchase through the Store page. The Box,adderall online pharmacy https://www.antibioticsonline.org/ medication tramadol 50mg an Android OS based Set Top Box, includes all the channels mentioned in the packages pages Naija TV, Naija TV 2 and GhanaOne separately.

Live TV

One section also included on iAfrica.TV, is our page for Live TV. Here, you can watch the best African channels like GTV, GTV Sports, NTAi and many more.


iAfrica.TV provides daily news and updates about current events and latest trends. News has some further divisions in categories like Sports, Technology, News and Entertainment.

iAfrica.TV makes sure to share the latest gossip news with its viewers.

We also keep our viewers and readers up to date with the latest gossip in the celebrity and entertainment world.

Video and Picture Gallery:

iAfrica.TV offers a wide range of entertainment videos and pictures of famous African & African-American celebrities.

The picture and video galleries are updated on a daily basis with the latest music and entertainment videos, along with famous celebrity pictures and their latest updates.


iAfrica.TV has its own Android TV device named AfricaOne which connects to your TV via HDMI, that turns your TV into a multifunction smart TV. It has a revolutionary entertainment system that gives your family an awesome entertainment experience from your own television. With this service you can access Internet live streaming and Video-on-demand, live TV, music, games and more, all instantly on your TV. This Android Device provides live African Channel streaming to its users on monthly subscription basis.


iAfrica.TV is offering three different packages at the moment: GhanaOne, Naija Tv and Naija TV 2.


GhanaOne is an amazing entertainment portal that connects Ghanaians all around the world to their traditional and cultural activities from back home. GhanaOne Package includes the best Ghanaian channels such as GTV , TV Africa , Joy News , Life Zone , GTV Sports ,  Kedu TV, Rtv and more. This package is available on ROKU, iPhone, Android, Samsung Smart TV, and Kindle fire.

Naija TV

With Nigerians located all over the world, iAfrica.TV’s expansive Naija TV package has more than enough to quell any Nigerian’s homesickness. We provide them an amazing entertainment package Naija TV for Nigerian Diaspora to remain updated from their culture. This is an amazing entertainment package Naija TV which connects them to their cultural heritage.

Naija TV Package includes the best Nigerian channels including LTV, MITV, NTAi, CTL Africa, Channels TV, France 24, Life Zone, Xvic TV, Cine Plus and many more . Naija TV Package is available on ROKU, iPhone, Android, Samsung Smart TV, and Kindle fire.

Naija TV2

iAfrica.TV proudly presents the best African entertainment package for the many Africans living away from home in the United States, Naija TV 2. Naija TV 2 includes famous channels like BET, eTV, African Movie Channel, MTV Base and many more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]