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Upcoming episode plot of Kumkum Bhagya revealed

Upcoming episode plot of Kumkum Bhagya revealed
Upcoming episode plot of Kumkum Bhagya revealed
KumKum Bhagya

In last episode if in case you missed it – the love birds escape from the chasing thugs and their attempts fail.

Then serial killer arrives to ask them about the couple but gets astonished to hear that they have fled. Instead of regretting, he laughs because he knows that he will ensnare him his traps.

In the interim – at Mehra house Tanu gets overheard while thinking out loud about Abhi’s contract and her dark motives to kill Nikhil. Mitali, has then heard all that she needs to confront her and does it. Mitali says she would inform everyone in the family about her dark incentives.

But Tanu grabs a knife and warns that she will slit her throat if she utters a word.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Pragya, having opposite sexes get their adultness aroused being lonely in the dark forest. Abhi asks the Pragya to hold the steering as he hold her hand, that’s when their eyes meet. But Pragya shouts abruptly.

Next Episode

Abhi wakes up find himself lying on the floor and then Pragya rushes to help him. An Old man offers them help and tells them that he lives nearby. But Pragya hesitates and the old man assures him that he has daughters like her and that there is no peril.

Pragya decides to go with him – here Purab and troop are searching for Abhi and Pragya along with police. Purab asks everyone Dadi, Sarla and Biji to go home and assures him that he will find him. They resist but Purab says it will be fine – they will get him.
Sarla agrees and Purab says he’ll come back along with Abhi and Pragya. There Pragya and Abhi are at the old man’s home where he assists Abhi. Later, he asks Pragya what’s the matter with them and why she is so frightened. Pragya says it’s nothing and she’s just anxious after the accident. He says he can sense that there is something more than that. Pragya denies but he keeps on insisting. Then Pragya tells him the whole incident. He asks her to stay at his home for however long they need.

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