Ethiopia releases 2000 people who were arrested by the security forces

Ethiopia releases 2000 people, arrested by the security forces

Ethiopian government has released about two thousand people who were arrested by security forces during the emergency state. The people were arrested on the charges of being involved in the violent activates and protests against government.

Now the government resources has claimed to free all those protestors.

The group had been freed after “receiving education and counselling service,” it quoted Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa as saying.

The minister did not say how many people are still in detention.

On 20 October, the BBC reported that more than 2,600 people had been arrested under the state of emergency, which was imposed on 9 October after a wave of anti-government protests.

Opposition groups have been demanding greater political freedom in a country ruled by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front since 1991.

More than 1,500 weapons had also been recovered by the security forces, FBC reported.


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