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Yvonne Nelson: Education is the key in every life aspect

Ghanaian well-known actress, Yvonne Nelson with the students
Ghanaian well-known actress, Yvonne Nelson with the students

One of the most talked about Ghanaian on-screen character, Yvonne Nelson, has called upon all the students who are studying to take their studies seriously because they still have time to change their futures. She exclusively advised students to not relinquish their education because at the end, education will be the only thing that will matter.

Last Saturday Yvonne Nelson was being honored at the Broadway Drama Festival 2016 and amid her acceptance speech she made the above mentioned major call. The honor was for her journey to find new talents, to allow and help others to achieve the level she has already accomplished.

While speaking during her acceptance speech, Yvonne Nelson said, ‘As a matter of fact, education is a key which helps us in each and every part of our lives. Education prepares us for the future hardships, so it’s our duty to promote education as much as possible’.

Moreover, ‘Heels and Sneakers’ star also talked about those school going kids who want to leave their education and join the showbiz industry. She repeated that they should focus on their studies and education should be their first priority, their right time will come. She said, ‘My advice to all the school going kids is to consider your lessons important and make your parents and country proud’.

The Broadway Drama Festival was held at the Presbyterian Hall at Osu in the capital, Accra on the last Saturday. It pulled in various dramatization groups from different senior secondary schools the nation over. All the students also got the chance to meet their favorite star Yvonne Nelson and they also took a lot of pictures with the amazing lady.

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