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iOS 10 Jailbreak all set by Pangu – what would be the release date?

As per recent reports, Pangu has finally got a method to crack the iOS 10. So it’s easier to say that the iOS 10 jailbreak version is complete, but no one knows when Pangu would be planning to launch it publicly. We repeat that Apple has stated that iOS 10 would never be broken, but it appears that Pangu has ultimately got a way to crack the famous operating system of iPhone.

However, it appears that there is some reason behind the stoppage of the iOS 10 jailbreak launch. It feels that the hacker group is presently including more features to it in order to make certain that it will work on as numerous devices as feasible.

We remind you that Apple has released the iOS 10.0.1 and iOS 10.0.2 very fast, in order to patch all security issues. Aside from the security issues, Apple has to fix various other major issues like the voice calls issue that several iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus users have complained.

As the iOS 10 is so fast, the hackers had a tough time to jailbreak the iOS 10 OS. Both TaiG and Pangu were all set with the jailbreaking tool, but very soon, Apple has launched the iOS 10.0.1, which spoiled the hacker groups’ program. We are aware that Apple is trying to create its iOS 10 extremely protected, but it appears that the hackers will always get some way or another to crack this operating system.

As soon as Pangu will roll out the iOS 10 jailbreak, we are quite certain that Apple will play its share and bring another patch that will fix the issues which let the hackers to crack the operating system.

Pangu will probably launch the iOS 10 jailbreak very soon.


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