Ethiopia; more than thousand arrested during the state of emergency

Ethiopia; more than thousand arrested during the state of emergency

Ethiopia; more than one thousand people have been arrested by Ethiopian government for violating rules and relegations after the declaration of state of emergency in the country.

The state of emergency was declared by the government in the country after the violence and protests against the government.

Campaigners and the protestors have been fighting against the government in the Oromia region whereas they got strong support from the people of Amhara region later on.

Protestors has become violent and damaging the government properties during the protests. The mayor added that if there were any innocent people among the 1,000 suspects, they would be released once investigations were concluded.

Mr Ararsa said that people had provided details of the rioters, including the crime they had committed, following public gatherings.

According to the independent news agencies more than thousand are under arrest in Sebeta town near the capital, Addis Ababa, the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting.

Meanwhile united nations have shown great concerns on the situation in Ethiopia. Secretary General of UN Ban Ki Moon has said that government has to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

The state of emergency will be continuing for next six months.

Business and economic development has received a huge set back from this situation. People, including students have been effected from the violence too.

International community including United Nations and African union has shown great concerns over the law in order conditions in the country and has asked the government to resolve the issues immediately.






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