DR Congo has given ban warning from European Union

DR Congo has given ban warning from European Union

DR Congo; Democratic Republic of Congo has received warning from European Union over the protests violence and early elections in the country.

European Union has said that they will oppose sanctions on DR Congo if they do not make sure the justice and law in order situation in the country.

President of DR Congo Joseph Kabila’s second and last term is due to end in December, but election commission has called for a delay of the poll until 2018 to give it more time to register voters.

European Union has given a statement in which it has condemned the initiative of early election.

In a statement, EU foreign ministers said that protests which broke out last month between the security forces and opposition groups calling for Mr Kabila to leave the chair in December.

Here is the statement given by the European Union.

‘’The EU will use all the means at its disposal, including individual restrictive measures against those responsible for serious human rights violations, those who promote violence and those who would try to obstruct a consensual and peaceful solution to the crisis.”

The EU’s cautionary came days after the United Stations declared sanctions against two top Kabila aides, condemning them of helping the crack-down on opposition activists.


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