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WhatsApp Latest Features Makes People Annoyed

We always admire the fact that WhatsApp creators are continuously developing the application, but it feels that their latest improvement is not a thing everyone likes. In an effort to copy the Facebook Messenger features, they made the emojis bigger. However, this modification didn’t have the result they planned to bring.

For example, a WhatsApp user took to social media platform Twitter to show her displeasure with the application’s latest upgrade. She stated that she never wanted the emoji to be big, or to use so many of them. In fact, she and many other users believe that the latest size of the emojis helps them feel too involved in the chat, which may not always be the same.

Various other tweets suggest that the latest update is “ugly” and many people requested creators to give back the old small emojis. However, it appears that the other changes in the application didn’t worry the users as such.

In an attempt to copy Snapchat, WhatsApp also brought the choice of doodling, writing or inserting emojis on photos sent via the applcation. When you send a picture, there are few editing tools that show up and you may use them and customize the photo. You may even enter text and select between lots of fonts to test your own creativity.

Furthermore, the latest version of the application has a zooming choice when you record videos in the application. You simply have to slide a finger on the photo up and down and it will get zoom in and out, correspondingly. Moreover, double tapping on the screen of the application will go from the front camera to the rear one. Now you can open the calls you get through the application right from the lock screen, and you may put a favorite conversation as a widget or to ensure which unread texts you have.


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