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iPhone 7: Three Things Everyone Dislikes About It

iPhone7 is so lustrous, so chic, so novel and so hi-tech!

These are some of the very initial some views Apple supporters have while looking at the latest iPhone 7 and its new features. However, there are few things that Apple forgot to add while developing this new model – and as per the supporter reviews, we are writing the major dissatisfactions the iPhone 7 is accountable for – underneath.

It Does Not Have Headphone Jack

Stating ‘goodbye’ to the famous headphone jack is a thing no one could suppose was about to happen. And even though there were many people (including Apple supporters) accusing Apple for creating this update ‘dumb’ – the company fortified by stating that it is the next-level innovative feature.

No doubt, it might be – but how are we expected to hear music on an iPhone devoid of paying additional headphones?

There is no choice – and that is the dangerous thing.

The Glossy Black Color Is Easier To Get Scratches

The glossy black of iPhone7 was the colour that received all the appreciation. But in the meantime, it was the same color that was claimed to ‘receive most of the scratches’. So, it is secure to state that with no case, your glossy black iPhone 7 would not live the scratches it may receive from any pocket, table, purse or backpack.

The Reality That It Is Not Water-Resistant

Definitely, you may send messages while it is raining and drop water on your iPhone 7 – but we have turn out to be quite cautious to do that!

What users wished in the iPhone 7 was a water resistant feature that would have the iPhone exactly like a GoPro and will retain their recollections even undersea. However, the rain and glass is the fact we have to admit when it’s about the water resistant feature of the iPhone 7.

So, even though the iPhone 7 is a great development in terms of battery life, camera, and storage – it is not a fundamental one to have each 6S owner wish to upgrade to it.


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