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Best Applications To change iPhone’s Photos into GIFs

When Apple had launched the iPhone 6s, one of the latest features included in iOS was Live Photos, which lets users to capture some shots before and after taking any photo with the iPhone’s camera. These “videos” may be run on 3D Touch-capable iPhones but just tapping on the photo, but on previous versions of iPhone, users turned them on by tapping and holding the picture. It is quite annoying because Live Photos can be shared just on the iOS ecosystem and users have to download a third party application if they wish to see the full animation on their PC. Today we will provide you a list of applications with which you will be able to change a Live Photo into a GIF file and post it on Facebook or any other social media networks.


This is a free application that gives you the choice to change photos from your iPhone, into clips and GIFs. You may also add effects and choose a wide range of filters, then post the result afterwards on any of your favourite social media account.

Live Studio

For $0.99, you will have the opportunity to change numerous Live Photos, or whole albums, into videos at the same time, and then put the animated photos as wallpapers. Also, if you include the extension in Safari, you will be capable of making Live Photos from GIF straight in this browser.

Motion Stills

This application developed by Google will even out Live Photos footage and convert them into GIFs. Moreover, Motion Stills deletes the shake from Live Photos and optimizes them for looping playback.

Giffer Pro

Giffer Pro is somehow costly, for $3.99, but after doing copy and paste Live Photos, Burst Shots or photos from the Internet into the app and adding the ideal effects, you will simply adore the result and you will wish to post the GIF to any of the social media platforms.



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