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Google Chrome Update available with Reduced RAM Consumption

Google Chrome is the most famous web browser in this world. The web browser is speedy and it brings several features and options. It furthermore supports third-party extensions, which are used by a many people out there.

However, if you have used Google Chrome you might have observed that it uses a great amount of RAM. In other way, if you are someone who always has several tabs opened, then you must have checked that you will be short of free RAM pretty quickly. Well, we have got a great information for this kind of users, as according to recent leaks a latest update is about to roll out to Google Chrome, which will ultimately fix the enormous RAM usage.

It appears that the future Chrome version 55 will work with the V8 Javascript Engine. As per the report shared on the engine’s official blog, this will considerably decrease the memory footprint of numerous websites that are utilizing a modern web development pattern.

It is great to be aware that the latest Chrome version that uses the V8 Javascript Engine is already being checked by the manufacturers and they have observed that it may decrease the RAM utilization by up to 50% as compared to Chrome version 53.

Remember that the developments in both performance and speed will differ from  one website to another, but as per the reports, you will definitely see an important development on websites like Twitter, The New York Times and many others.

Chrome version 55 will be launched in December. So, if you are that type of a person who use their off-day for shopping online by using numerous tabs on Chrome browser, then you will certainly be very thrilled about this alteration.


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