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Thumper Now Available for PlayStation VR, PS4 and PC

The upcoming launch puts the game among the primary VR titles that will be rolled out in the online bazaar in Sony’s products. It will also predate the launch of the PlayStation VR device itself. Thumper is actually a feat game where you may assist a space beetle go down in a psychedelic journey to a scary void. Exactly like Rez Infinite, Thumper also provides a backdrop music track, giving you a great experience.

The long awaited Thumper title for PlayStation VR appears to be launched sooner than everyone was assuming. More specifically, it will happen to view its release on Monday night, as a disclosure and prize for all the players who have anticipated the title for many years, as per a declaration issued by the manufacturers.

Apart from the previously-announced support for VR, Thumper is also seen among the initial games that are based on the augmented hardware power included to the PlayStation 4 Pro console. Though, you cannot view any precise advantages until the updated version of the console will be launched on the 10th of November.

Co-founder of the Drool studio, Marc Flury has recently stated that the team is pleased to be able to provide PS4 Pro support exactly from the opening day of Thumper. He stated that everyone worked hard to give the greatest graphics to Thumper, and credit goes to the additional power they have, they prepared to push the plans they had even further.

He further added that on the PS4 Pro, the game may be played at the astonishing 4K resolution, and this happens without any sort of up-scaling! In this method you will be able to get pleasure from a high-gloss HD experience. PlayStation 4 Pro also provides an outstanding VR quality, while protecting the 90 fps speed and excellence of the image. As it appears, the game may also be played with a classic PC version and controllers, and it gives support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


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