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Paint Application: Now Brings 3D Objects Support in Windows 10

Recently, new reports have been out regarding Microsoft’s intentions to revamp Photos application and in the period in-between, the previous version of the app has been shared online and may be installed by any Windows 10 user. Paint was totally refurbished, converting into a Universal Windows application with 3D objects support and features that will improve user understanding on Surface tablets.

The users who downloaded the refurbished Paint application were astonished by its speed, because many Universal Windows applications don’t generally have highly developed features that were brought on the desktop version because they do not go well and it is preferred to remain with the main features. It is not same with Paint, because measured up to to the last Paint desktop application, it works entirely well and users may simply paint while using their fingers, devoid of requiring a mouse for that.

The single disadvantage is the missing layering support, but it has been disclosed in a previous alpha copy and maybe, things will transform in the meantime. Also, several shortcuts that are in Photoshop and parallel apps have not been added, and users are not able to pen multiple files at the same time.

What you may perform in Paint is personalize images with text, crop images, and you may be able to interpret them with the assistance of pencils and brushes. The app has got 2D and 3D shapes, and Microsoft workers who checked out the alpha version are able to use 3D objects that have been included in the community part.

This existing alpha version has disclosed that the 3D object support requires to be perfected because the objects seem pixilated. With any luck, Microsoft will provide more information related to this feature later on in this month, during the Windows 10 and Surface occasion that will happen on October 26th. If the creators will solve all problems with the 3D object making feature, then this will be good for the HoloLens hardware.


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