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Final Fantasy XV to be rolled out on PC in 2017

Final Fantasy XV supporters will be somewhat upset to know about this, but the next game in the series will not be rolled out any time soon as it was anticipated. Unluckily for them, the long wait is not ended yet and it seems no signs of approaching to a close any time in the near future.

It seems to be a very difficult game in terms of progress and supporters have been mocked adequate by reports and the infrequent official leaks related to the game. In fact, it was just lately that the company proclaimed that they would disclose the launch date at an event, but that not at all occurred.

What we are aware is that Square Enix, the company accountable for the game series – is planning on a relieve version Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One and PS4. As for a PC version of the game is concerned, as per the director Hajime Tabata, it would take Square Enix about a year to be created. He also mentioned that if they were really planning to create the game for the PC, they would also need to develop it better and more attractive that the previous version.

However, we are sure that supporters and players would be pleased to find it entirely on consoles initially as long as it does roll out. The company may work on the PC version of the game afterwards, but this problem may really encourage few of those users who have been looking for this game for almost 10 years to focus on getting a game console just to play it. So there might be a success in this for the console developers that advertise the abovementioned products.


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