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Looking for iOS 10 Jailbreak? You Might Need to Wait More

Lacking the choice to jailbreak Apple devices, users are just restricted to what Apple lets them to cherish. But when such limitations are taken away, they receive a chance to do more with their iPhone, iPod or iPad. Recently, though, it appears that Apple has at last got a way to get hackers out of the system, mainly iOS 10. To date, iOS 10 jailbreak has still to go public.

Found on earlier events, jailbreak updates must have been out a day or a week following a latest operating system has been released. iOS 10 was rolled out to the public some weeks back, and there is still no information about jail-breaking tools and updates.

Few hackers stated that they handled to effectively jailbreak an Apple device working on iOS 10, but the declaration stays just that, with no evidence that there actually was hacking going on. Sure, they may reveal a video or photo of a jailbroken iPhone 7 running iOS 10. But unless that tool gets available for the public, it is simply all for the time-being.

Lucas Todesco, the man who appeared to receive initial dibs on jailbreaking every latest iOS that rolls out, stated the procedure was not as convenient as before. He even applauded Apple, stating the company, one more time, and “altered the rules of the sport”. And, like ago, Todesco declined to share his jailbreaking tool with the public, which frequently leaves people doubting if he truly made it or not.

What is the reason of delay?

Apple has strengthened the security, creating it more complex for hackers to jailbreak iOS 10. Evidence of this is the enlarged bounty for zero-day exploits for Apple’s latest iOS 10. Just lately, Apple has rolled out the second beta of the next 10.1 update to creators. This again declined the probability of hackers to get into iOS 10. But in fact, why worry to jailbreak iOS 10 when there are shortcomings?


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