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Facebook Lite: Your Phone’s Immediate Need

Facebook keeps on bringing new ways to keep its users faithful and to make sure this does occur, the team at the back this social media platform gives improved user experience. This year, they started to provide Facebook Lite, the more essential version for the mobile devices.

With this latest android application, users may now cherish Facebook even if there is weak internet connection and their mobile phone devices are old models. Its app size is also minute and it does actually influence mobile data usage that much. But is it truly essential to download Facebook Lite? This has been the contentious issue questioned by social media users.

Why to use Facebook Lite

Talking about the benefits, supporters of the Android application have many advantages with them. One is the detail that its size is just 0.5mb and after download, the whole size is between 2-4 mb. It is a far cry from the original application which takes 135mb space.

One greater thing about this latest application is in terms of cache data. As the app size is tiny, so its cache data is also small. This will stop the system from halting since RAM will not be influenced much. Facebook also considered about mobile data usage when they planned Facebook Lite. This application does not take much data usage.  Not just you use it even if your phone barely supports 2G but also, the layout is uncomplicated and the size is minute that it does not use a large amount of your data.

If you are one of the keen Facebook users and you have got the original Facebook application on your mobile device, you must have seen how quick the battery of your phone gets worn out. This issue has been looked after by Facebook Lite.

Amongst all the features of this latest social media application, the enhanced user experience is the best. And with the more rapid speed, better user interface and less mobile data usage brought by this application, it is undoubtedly a fact that Facebook Lite installation for Android is the need of the hour.


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