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Kiki Banson: Stop comparing artistes

Kiki Banson, the veteran Ghanaian artist manager and boss of EKB Records has portrayed as “unnecessary”, efforts to compare music artistes.

In response to the recent lyrical dispute between rival artists which has created much gossip across the nation particularly on numerous media platforms, the ex-manager of Becca clarified that each artist’s talent is exceptional.

“For me, I feel it needless to compare artists. I always state that there aren’t two artists on this earth that are the similar. You can never compare artistes,” Mr. Banson stated.

“So as soon as you begin comparing artists, for me, I set up questioning your understanding of even what you’re doing,” he further added.

Kiki Banson went on: “You can never be superior to the next artiste because it is a diverse field overall. Talents can never be the same. You cannot compare yourself to any one else if you know what art is all about.”

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