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Wiyaala revealed the harshest statement thrown at her

Ghanaian songstress, Wiyaala
Ghanaian songstress, Wiyaala

Ghanaian numerous awards winning Afro-pop artist, Wiyaala who is also known as ‘African Lioness’ in the music industry has recently revealed the hardships that she faced in the teenage. She disclosed all the unbearable statements that were thrown at her when she was young. Not only this, she also told the severe consequences of those statements on her.

Wiyaala was exclusively interviewed by the well-known host, Berla Mundi on the last Thursday, December 16, where while speaking to the host, Wiyaala revealed the harshest articulation tossed at her for basically seeming less ladylike in structure.

The ‘Rock My Body’ hitmaker has gone through extreme trolls and exceptionally unpalatable remarks from the people who see her be appalling furthermore think she seems more like a man than a lady.

Wiyaala expressed that, ‘You know what, It’s cool, it’s awesome. I don’t get furious with these unbearable and harsh statements any longer’. She focused on that she has heard harsher and more terrible remarks. ‘These ones are like nothing. I have heard more awful, somebody really let me know I have a p3nis’.

Wiyala revealed that when she was in her high school, she used to pound people who passed uncanny remarks about her appearance. She likewise uncovered that she even tried to bleach her skin to fit in and to look excellent yet halted all the efforts, when she got to 18 since she built up the highest level of self-esteem, certainty, and acknowledgment.

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