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President Mahama: Let us vote in peace and tranquillity

President Mahama to play in 2016 Vodafone Unity Match
Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama
Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has recently passed a very powerful statement today as the Ghanaian general election 2016 is happening in Ghana today. The flag bearer of the governing party National Democratic Congress (NDC) is quite hopeful that Ghana will rise up out of the election 2016 more grounded and honored among the comity of all the countries in the world.

President John Mahama called upon all the Ghanaians to vote peacefully, he spoke exclusively to the whole nation and said, ‘I’m sure that Ghana will pass this test with an extraordinary excellence. Ghana will keep on rising! Let’s hope for the peaceful election 2016’.

He proceeded with, ‘I have strong faith in the quality of our institutions to embrace this task and I ask all the polling authorities and all the other people who have the duty amid the election 2016 to act in a fair and impartial way’. As far as concerns him as President, he committed to do everything to guarantee the tranquility of the nation.

Moreover, President Mahama said, ‘I commit to remain with you and close to you on every step, furthermore as a President along with the security agencies, the National Peace Council, conventional rulers, religious leaders, all the partners from abroad and all the accomplices in going up against this sacrosanct and respectable duty regarding a violence free and tranquil Ghana’.

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