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Femi Kuti: Award Winning is not my objective

The well-known Nigerian artist, Femi Kuti, has recently brought out quite a serious topic in an exclusive interview. Femi expressed that his objectives and goals don’t include awards. However, he is the only artist from Nigeria to have been nominated for a Grammy award but he uncovered his objective isn’t to win a Grammy. He said there are a whole lot of problems and issues going on in his homeland and he is more concerned about them.

While speaking to the host, Femi Kuti expressed that, ‘As a matter of fact, Grammy is not my main objective, it has never been my goal to win the major awards, my musical career was never in light of embarking to win awards, it’s dependably been about what I’m singing about’.

When the host asked him about his objectives, he revealed that, ‘I have a very brief and good answer for this question. My main objectives include that Nigeria has power, great medicinal services, great instruction for our kin that ideally in my lifetime we’ll have the proper roads to drive from Lagos to Nairobi (Kenya), we have great infrastructure like they have in Europe and America. These are more important to me than winning awards’.

Femi Kuti proceeded with, ‘Let’s suppose I win the Grammy and the lyrics of my songs still stay depressive. What will that specific award will do to the poverty level of my homeland. Is it going to put happy meal on the table for my people? I think If I truly wanted to win a Grammy and I set my mind there, I would have won it quite a while prior, it’s exceptionally political, it’s about taking part, campaigning , going there and what not’.

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