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Mr. Beautiful: Mahama has pumped GHC20 billion in Entertainment Industry

Kumasi-based actor, Mr. Beautiful
Kumasi-based actor, Mr. Beautiful

Ghanaian Kumasi-based actor, Mr Beautiful, a loyal supporter of the President John dramani Mahama who is the flag bearer of the governing party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) has recently revealed the real amount of money that President Mahama has pumped into Ghanaian Entertainment Industry. Guess what? The real amount is 20 billion Ghanaian cedis.

Mr. Beautiful revealed all this to deny the claims of a few Ghanaian on-screen characters like Agya Koo and Matilda Asare that President Mahama and the his party has ruined the Ghanaian Entertainment industry particularly the film industry.

Whie speaking at the campaign for the NDC, Mr.Beautiful said, ‘We came to know that, somebody in a few tirades says the destroyed film industry and poor economic conditions in Ghana are because of President Mahama’s bad administration. That’s a complete lie. President Mahama has pumped 20 billion Ghanaian cedis into the Entertainment industry, exclusively for its improvement ‘.

Moreover, he also talked about the great number of works the NDC government has done during its period. He said, ‘President Mahama is trying his best to make the Ghanaian film industry  like America, Nigeria and South Africa’s, Mahama through the creative arts industry has supported around 70 percent of our celebrities to go outside the nation to furnish themselves with profound knowledge and learn approaches to overhaul the film industry’.

He proceeded with, ‘Not just that, Mr Mahama since the start of his governance has been taking great care of veteran performers and music stars in their old age’.

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