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Berla Mundi: I’m not dating a Ghanaian man

Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi
Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi

One of the most talked about Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi who is famous for her incredible fashion sense and perfect smile has finally talked about her relationship status in detail. Meanwhile, there were also rumors that Berla Mundi and the VGMA artist of the year, EL has been dating for years. On the contrary to this, Berla Mundi denied all the rumors by saying that, ‘She is dating but her boyfriend is not a Ghanaian’.

Berla Mundi was exclusively interviewed by the well-known host, Halifax Ansah-Addo, where she talked about her personal life, career, future plans and the relationship status in detail. When the host asked about her relationship status that whether she is dating someone or not? Berla said, ‘Yes, it’s true that I’m not single and I’m dating but I can’t be convinced enough to reveal any further detail’.

However, she proceeded with that, ‘her boyfriend is not a Ghanaian man’. Maybe she denied the EL rumors by saying that specifically.

Moreover, when the host asked her that did she just pop up one day on TV and shot to fame or is there a story behind her success? Berla Mundi said, ‘No, it’s not like that, I still remember the time when I used to see the pictures of the stars and admired them by saying to myself that my time will come too. I also have the experience of doing a job as a marketer and it was a terrible time, I’m a really bad marketer’.

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