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WhatsApp Brings Latest BETA Release For Android Devices

WhatsApp lets people to talk to their family and friends and this is the reason it’s a tremendously famous mobile messaging application and has over one billion users every day. So many users all around the world have downloaded the app and ask about the rumors doing rounds about the Video Calling feature being real.

There has been a latest WhatsApp BETA launch for Android devices, but it does not have any new options or features. The version does provide few fixes to bugs that creators found or that users had reported. Creators also solved the stability problems the app had been facing.

Video Calling Feature: Is It Going To Be Provided Or Not

Still, no official news on when the Video Calling feature is going to be included to WhatsApp or if it will even be given. However, it has already been found in many other mobile messaging apps, and, if it does not added to WhatsApp, there’s quite a good chance few users will start using those other social media platforms.

How To Use and Download WhatsApp 2.16.254 BETA On Android Devices

Keep in mind, this is a BETA version of WhatsApp 2.16.254, which means you may install it from the Google Play Store but should be accepted to be a BETA tester. When  you have completed this then search for the WhatsApp 2.16.254 version, install and download it to your android device.


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