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WhatsApp Update Available with Emojis, Doodles and Text on Videos

WhatsApp is the most recent application owned by Facebook that keeps on copying Snapchat along with its current camera update. The extremely famous messaging service allows Android users customize images and videos with doodles, emojis or plain text. The appealing part about it is that it allows you to edit and customize both latest and old media, whether it is clips and photos set up on your phone or taken straight from the camera in WhatsApp.

When you take a photo or simply choose an existing one, you will view many new icons on the top of your screen, which lets you edit the image. The same system goes with videos too. Apart from this features, you are also able to modify the font and color of the captions.

But the creators did not end here with improving the application. In an effort to bring more notice to the WhatsApp camera, they created it to support the front-facing flash available on Android mobile phones. This, as per the creators, lets you take an ideal selfie even in low light situations or during the night.

The update additionally brings many new touch gestures like the option to zoom in and out while recording videos by simply sliding your finger up and down on the screen. Moreover, you may double tap if you wish to switch between the back and front camera. As per the developers, all the latest developments and tools will be available for iPhone users very soon.

Snapchat was the first application to make video and photo personalization a flourishing thing in the US, and after that many major applications followed in their footsteps. Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr thus added customizing tools to their main or spinoff applications. Only Whatsapp was fairly left behind, but now it appears they are catching up with the times and adding this new trend into their application.


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