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iOS 10 Jailbreak Update – Pros and Cons

Apple supporters will certainly go mad when they will find out about the recent tool for jailbreaking iOS 10. Or at least those people who use other gadgets than iPad Pro and iPad Touch 6, as this tool does not work on them. Apart from those, all the things from iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and all the models in between back to iPhone 5 (which means iOS 9 and iOS 10.2) are unlockable.

Until now, several iPad and iPhone users did not wish to accept the most recent OS, iOS 10, because there were many restrictions and there wasn’t any jailbreaking tool. Luckily, the Unlock-Jailbreak team stated that any device running the iOS 10 will now be able to bring the system without any restrictions.

The shortcoming when it comes to untethered iPhones is the reality that creators spring into preemptive action, and this is the thing with Cupertino technology. If you recall when a jailbreak exposed the old iOS 9, then you know that Apple simply made few patches and cracked the jailbreak. There is a possibility this may happen with iOS 10 too.

However, we are certain that several users will still attempt to jailbreak the phone. And for good reason, as there are many interesting stuff: right of entry to Cydia jailbreak store, where you may find cool applications and tweaks, a customized control center for iOS 10, with many of the various eye candies and fancy animations, a bonus for Pokemon GO players among many others.

Remember that you always have to backup your device before jailbreaking it or you try to unlock it. Also, this is yet a third-party application, so this may void you if you are using iOS 10 devices. Let’s just wait Apple won’t break your expectations too soon!



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