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WhatsApp Sharing Data Privacy Comes with More Problems

The famous messaging service WhatsApp keeps on being tricky for a great number of its users and, lately, reports from Europe suggest about people not sticking to the application’s most recent changes in privacy terms.

Those modifications now allow WhatsApp to share users’ account information with Facebook, its parent company, and Germany was the first country to powerfully resist this. During this week, the Hamburg city DPA asked Facebook to discontinue collecting account information from WhatsApp.

The UK seems to be planning to take few measures in this sense as information commissioner Elizabeth Dunham stated during an interview that an inquiry will be done to check precisely what effects the data-sharing between the two companies has.

She also disclosed that several WhatsApp users in the UK have been bad tempered about the application’s latest policy and that some were totally dissatisfied due to the detail that a few years back, Facebook specially stated that the two companies would not share information.

The two companies will basically share information about the mobile number a consumer is registered with and details about when the user was last seen on the application. The reason of this latest policy is for Facebook to make improved targeted ads and those who do not want to be a part of these circumstances, can merely opt out of it.

This data sharing debate between WhatsApp and Facebook also got attention of the European Commission and the competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager lately talked at a conference in Brussels about the significance of regulating data EU-wide and that people must be able to control what big Internet companies do with their private information and that those companies must be transparent in what they do with user’s data and how they perform it. She also noted that one of the main points in accepting Facebook’s gaining of WhatsApp was the information they would not merge data.


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