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Samson Siasia gives NFF a deadline to settle its debt to him

Nigerian Ex Coach, Samson Siasia
Nigerian Ex Coach, Samson Siasia

Nigerian former coach, Samson Siasia who quit his job right after the Rio Olympics 2016 because he wasn’t being paid, has recently decided to take a stand. He has given the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) a two-week deadline to settle all his money related issues.

Samson says the NFF hasn’t paid him for five months’ like from the month of April to the August 2016. Let not forget that, Samson was the man who got Nigeria a bronze medal at the recently finished Rio Olympics 2016.

While speaking exclusively to the media, Samson Siasia expressed that, ‘I have given them a two week deadline to pay me or rather I will sit in the NFF office in Abuja until they settle all its debts to me. The national team is planning for a World Cup qualifier and to be straightforward my undesirable diversions are the exact opposite thing they need at this moment’.

Moreover, he also revealed that, ‘I’ve made it clear in my letter that my collaborators and I ought to be paid the overabundance owed in light of the fact that it’s cruel. As leader of our families we yielded everything for the nation, yet the NFF declined to pay us – it’s cold blooded as well as devilish’.

In return, the NFF official told the media that, ‘There’s another money related issue, which has not been finished up by the alliance. His most recent upheaval is simply lamentable however the procedure (to pay him) is as yet progressing. There is no endeavor to deny Siasia or his collaborators their dues’.

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