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Tiwa Savage: My high school crush made me love the music

Nigerian well-known artist, Tiwa Savage
Nigerian well-known artist, Tiwa Savage

Nigerian well-known artist, Tiwa Savage has recently revealed the reason behind her love for music and how she fell in love with the music. She got the privilege to be stared in New York’s Magazine, in which she talked about her career from start to the top.

It was an extremely fascinating interview, Tiwa Savage uncovered surprisingly how her middle school crush made her fall in love with the music. She said, her crush convinced her to fall in love with the music.

As indicated by Tiwa Savage, ‘I used to play trombone. I would like you to not ask me as to whether regardless I play (chuckles), yet I truly lifted it up on the grounds that I really liked a guy in the middle school. He used to stay nearby with the cool children, the performers and artists’.

Moreover, she also revealed that, ‘And there I was, the little girl straight from Nigeria, strong accent, my mother shaved my hair off. I attempted to stand out enough to be noticed. I went to this music teacher and said that I truly wanted to learn music. He looked to the edge of the room and said the trombone was the main instrument left. I lifted it up, yet in the end got tormented for it since it was continually acting as a burden on the school bus. That was having the inverse impact of what I really wanted in light of the fact that my crush was presently making fun of me as opposed to beginning to look all starry eyed at me. That’s why, I surrendered and joined the choir’.

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