Paul Walker’s Lookalike Brother: Cody to Picture ‘Fast & Furious 7!!0 Comments

By eddy adkins
Posted on 17 Dec 2013 at 8:07am

Paul Walker may be substituted by his lookalike 15 years younger brother Cody Walker (works as a stuntman) in Fast and Furious 7. The great actor’s disastrous death left his fans pondering that who will replace him as Brian O’ Connor in the franchise’s consequence. Since the newscast of his death arrived, there is a frenzy of conjectures regarding the subject.

The most recent reports report that Cody Walker younger brother of Paul Walker is being considered to finish the incomplete scenes of the upcoming effect Fast and Furious 7. Pop musician of Canada, singer star and actor Justin Bieber is believed to be replacing the legend star.

Paul Walker died on Nov. 30, 2013; this disaster happened in the middle of filming Fast and Furious 7. Paul Walker’s death, as sad as it was, has left James Wan and the Fast producers a severe difficulty. But several critical scenes were yet to be captured when Paul left his lovers. It is now been stated that Universal Pictures is in dialogues with Cody Walker because there is a requirement for them to lookout for Paul Walker match to finish the unfinished yet critical scenes of “Fast and Furious 7.”

Clearly this is a really sensitive subject, this is a way to pay honor Paul’s memory, the filmmakers could unintentionally do the exact conflicting. But the source told that “if Cody agrees it’s because he wants to honor his brother’s memory.” Everybody belief that Cody wouldn’t include himself unless he was positive the movie was going to be as respectful as possible.

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