Paul Walker has been buried At Memorial Park Graveyard!!0 Comments

By eddy adkins
Posted on 16 Dec 2013 at 7:51am

The 40 year old star was incinerated on Thursday and his ruins were buried yesterday in a non-denominational ceremonial.
Throughout the meeting an American flag was pleated into a triangle and presented, and at that time Paul’s family is given. A framed portrayal of the star is also fixed on a frame. The service was controlled by Paul’s father, brothers Caleb and Cody Walker and other family fellows.

Paul Walker has been buried At Memorial Park
It was joined by about 40 people and purposely kept small out of admiration for Paul and worried to protect his daughter 15 year old Prado. A private meeting now still eminent, but also be a matter strictly invite for more people closes to the Paul Walker. A public burial was held on Sunday, and on that moment thousands of fans attended the spot in Santa Clarita, That was the place where Paul and Roger died, when their car hit a rod (pole) and burst into blazes. Many brought their individual modified cars, which had been prejudiced by the ‘ Fast and Furious ‘ movies. Thousands of people have paid honor to the late star, one of the most expressive of his co- star Vin Diesel.
The legend actor was best known for his character in the series film Fast and Furious action films in which he played undercover detective Brian O’Conner alongside Vin Diesel.

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