Guinness World Records 2014: Woman With World’s Longest Fingernails!0 Comments

By eddy adkins
Posted on 19 Sep 2013 at 9:59am

A 47-year old woman Chris Walton, holds the title for the world’s longest fingernails.

Since 1993 she didn’t clipping her fingernails. Now the total length of her nail reach approximately 20 feet, turning & twisting in a way that would appear to make even the most simple tasks near impossible.

She showed off her implausible nails at the Guinness World Records 2014, London. The grandmother is commonly known by her stage name ‘The Dutchess’ in California and Nevada. She is the mother-of-four declare that long curling nails are not expensive to maintain:

“Well actually, maintenance, I do it myself, so it doesn’t really cost me anything. I make my own polish! I put in a little extra nail polish remover, it makes them dry faster.”

She added: “I file them every three months down to the finger nail and put another layer of acrylic on.” Ms Walton was originally surprised at being approached for the record, but soon warmed to the idea, saying “I want to be remembered for something great.”


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